uncover true history of world piece by piece; a dedicated history explorer and gatherer of sacred knowledge; true events that have happened that men deemed worthwhile to remember; events the mad-men with power running today's global conspiracy would have us not recall; and yet, the events happened. because of the reality that these events in history have happened, how is it not proper then for us to know them and understand them and ponder over their meanings? Did not Newton prove that for every action there can only be an opposite or equal reaction? It is thus more critical than any juncture in human history in today's world that mankind finally awakens from the dark dreary slumber imposed upon him via the conspirators and realizes what has happened. We all know that the conspirators running the corporate fascist global reality, and infact every fascist dictator for that matter, believe that history should be forgotten. Infact, the fascists would have us believe, history started when they came into power, or at least they say history is what we say it is. And yet, Newton's Law remain. That the conspirators would label Newton's Law "blowback" is almost laughable and suggests how stupid and ignorant of the Haqq these conspirators really are. Freedom remains, as Adam was created free by Allah, so shall he remain free. There are only two options for the free man, victory or martyrdom. Both glorious ends. As for the kuffaar and those who cover up the truth, we can expect defeat for you; either by our hands (the Mujahideen) or by Allah's Hands directly. Thus you may wait, and too shall wait. Let us see who, at the end of the Day, will emerge upon Haqq. Those who believe that the definitions of words matter, or those who reject faith in the reality of words.

Human History Timeline Open-Contribution Project

Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem,

The world today lacks an agreed upon timeline of human activity and epic dates on down through the annuls of history.  Beyond this, and even more destructive to progressive human thought, we seem to be unable to grasp the reasons behind the events.  So not only do we not have knowledge of the events, but even if we did we do not know the reasons why the events themselves occurred.

All of this is not by chance.  Humans operating under normal conditions do tend to keep track of their history and the reasons behind the events.  Even in official government sponsored school history books, such an attempt is made, albeit it is lies compounded with lies in order to keep the sheeple in the dark.  Yet the government sponsored history books themselves attempt to make an effort in that direction.

This humble endeavor of mine is merely to form a time-line recording all known human activity from the earliest times up onto today, and offering an alternative viewpoint as to the reasons why the events themselves occurred.  The reason this project is necessary is clear and does not need to be elaborated.  As Newton proved, every action produces an opposite or equal reaction.  In other words, history is a long series of actions and reactions.  If we humans ever hope to collectively understand where we stand today, learn from the lessons of the past, and to move forward in a constructive manner which benefits us all, then we must first know the events that led us to where we are today.  We did not arrive here by chance.  The totalitarian fascist governments all share in this mindset – that they wish their sheeple to be completely oblivious to the true history of planet earth and to believe that history started “when the party began”.  All history before the birth of “The Party” is irrelevant and should be forgotten – so the ruling governments would have us believe.  In a similar mindset, we find that Europeans today are taught that there was this long Millennium known as The Dark Ages in which all of human progress came to a halt and barbarity triumphed; and finally after a long struggle we came to “The Renaissance”.  Yet no one dares to point out the fact that the French Revolution and the Renaissance itself were largely Free-Mason inspired as well as owed their very birth to Islaam, the Islaam which ruled in glorious splendor under the Islaamic State of al-Andalus.  In fact, were it not for the Spanish Inquisition over the Muslim Civilization in 1492AD, it would appear that Europe would never have out-classed the Muslims.  The modern world today has almost totally taken from the Muslims in its infancy, and yet they arrogantly refuse to admit it and worse – cover it up (kufr).

So it appears that a careful reconstruction of human activity is now in order.  To this end, I have started this project – the human history timeline project.  This effort is open to all who pass the test to contribute towards.  The difference between this project and Wikipedia is that Wikipedia is open to all and sundry when we live in a world that operates with the COINTEL stunt along with other fascist designed conspiracies crafted in order to manipulate public opinion and in fact is an attempt to alter history itself.  The enemy, which we refer to as the zionist/neocon conspirators, believe that true facts of history do not matter and should be covered up from the world’s masses.  We beg to differ.

So without further adou, let us begin the timeline of human activity:

*note – the general methodology of this project is to begin with the general events and dates, and move into the more detailed specifics after that.  So first, let us chart all of the generally needed events themselves.  Then, once the major events of history are charted, we may further plot and explain them away, offering the so-needed alternative explanations.  Upon completion of this project, many avenues of amaal will open up, including the possibility of publishing.  May Allah ta ‘ala grant this project tawfiq.




Hadhrat Adaam (alayhee salaam) —–  ??? people very tall, giants on earth, lost technology, lost Divine books and scrolls

Sumerian Empire, Ad, Thammud, date?

Babylon, date?

Flood of Hadhrat Nuh (alayhee salaam),  date?

Pharoanic Dynasites, date?

Asian Civilizations – Chinese, Indus Valley

European tribes

Mesopotamia, Levant / Canaan, Anatolia / Aegean

 American Civilizations – Norte Chico / Caral, Olmec, Zapotec

African Civilizations – Ancient Egypt, Ancient Somalia (Punt), Kush, Axum, Nok

Hadhrat Ibrahim (alayhee salaam) , 2000-3000 years before Hadhrat ‘Isa (alayhee salaam)???

Hadhrat Musa (alayhee salaam), 1400 years before Hadhrat ‘Isa (alayhee salaam)

Judaic Kingdom of Allah, the Kingdom of Israa’el, 900 years before Hadhrat ‘Isa (alayhee salaam)

Kingdom of Israa’el wiped out by Nebuchunezzar of Babylon,  600 years before Hadhrat ‘Isa (alayhee salaam)

Alexander the Great of Greece and the Macedonean conquests, 300 years before Hadrat ‘Isa (alayhee salaam)

Rise of the Roman Empire

The mission of Hadhrat ‘Isa al Messeh (alayhee salaam)

The persecution of the early followers of Tawhid and the corruption of the Deen by Paul, Romans, 0-325AD

Rome accepts corrupted version of Christianity as political move, Muslims resist and boycott 325 AD

Weakening of Rome and rise of Persia and Chinese kingdoms, 300-600 AD

Coming of the Praiseworthy, the Truthful, the Final Seal of Nubuwwat (salalahu alayhee wasalaam), 600 AD

Islamic Empire begins mission of total Galactic Conquest, 0 AH

Sahabaah (radiallahu anhum) reach the Americas, leave traces recently discovered.  The route taken was to bypass Japan, Siberia, Alaska – the pacific route.  The early Sahabah and Tabi had reached the Americas and left traces in California and Nevada, and early American inhabitants embraced Islaam in both north and south America.  More research needed (mandinkas and gari@#$%?) 50-70 AH

Islamic Empire stretches from China to Spain, 80 AH

Vikings and Norweigians establish economic treaties with the Arabs (large chests full of Arabic coins discovered dating to this period) 80-90AH

Al-Andalus Spain entirely conquered by Hadhrat Tariq ibn Zayd and Hadhrat Abdur Rahman, joined by Arab governor Musa ibn Nusayr of Ifriqiya in a seven-year campaign.  The Khalif back in Damascus, becoming jealous of their victories and expansionism, ordered a halt to the conquering, or else it is said that the Muslim forces would have continued conquering through France and Italy back to Damascus, 90 AH

Golden Age of Islaam, 0AH-300AH (Golden ages in both Qordoba and Baghdaad)

Baghdaad is center of the world, a wonder among cities, thousands of libraries, ta’leems, ‘ilm, progress, science, ancient greek, Persian, and indian works being expanded upon into arabic in the house of wisdom, among other acheivements.  Non-muslims flock to baghdaad for latest tech and research, 319AH

Qordoba ties Baghdaad as world’s largest city population. Qordoba also rivals Baghdaad in terms of progress in all fields.  319 AH

Defeated Christians and romans organize in Europe, muster up measly crusader forces, launch crusades, 490AH

Al Quds conquered by measly crusaders, 492 AH

Mujahideen under the Glorious Seljuks take the Jihaad to the measly crusaders.  Although the European christian kaafirs managed to hold one outpost (Jerusalam), the crusade ended in disaster when three separate crusader columns were ambushed and annihilated by Seljuk Mujahideen in central Anatolia, 499AH

After walling themselves in measly disease ridden conditions for decades and establishing the satanic conspiracy of knights templars, Shaykh Salah ud-Deen re-conquers al-Quds for Islaam, 579 AH

Knights Templars unearth satanic rites under al-Aqsa during Kingdom of Jerusalam and expand huge power base rivaling a kingdom all around the Meditteranean, form alliances in Rome, until officially disbanded in France under accusations of devil worship and treason, 515-710 AH

Ghengis Khan leads kaafir Monghol Invasion of the world ransacking Baghdaad, the single most catastrophic event in the history of Islaam, and laying waste to thousands of kootoob and other priceless artifacts and ‘ilm lost forever, 595-625 AH

Monghol Empire’s expansionism brought to an abrupt halt at ‘Ayn Jalut and sent back home thanks to the Mujahideen under the Mamluk Sultan, 659 AH

When Ghazan Khan took the throne of the Ilkhanate, he formally accepted Islam as his own religion, marking a turning point in Mongol history after which Mongol Persia became more and more Islamic, 695AH

Knights Templars merge with the free mason guilds of Europe forming The Free Mason secret society, (note: before the merger the free masons was merely a guild for architects among all the guilds.  However this merger brought escoterism and mysticism and dark evil forces combined with intrigue and supposed secret knowledge to this particular guild) 740AH to present day

Uthmani Khalifate begins military expansionism into Europe, Africa, and Asia; and also the Monghols themselves embrace Islaam, 700-850AH

The son of Murad II, Mehmed II, reorganized the state and the military, and conquered Constantinople.  The military campaign lasted years and was years in the planning.  An epic cannon, one of the first seen ever by men, was used against the seemingly impenetrable city walls (although not so efficient, it boosted the morale of the troops).  The ultimate seal of victory came through the genius military strategy to carry the boats over hundreds of miles of land thus bypassing the byzantine naval blockade.  Also, bombs were carried by martyrdom seekers up to the city’s walls and dug under them and this is apparently among the first time we witness in history what we would today refer to as martyrdom operations.  Mehmed II rolls into the city gates as a liberating king, breaking the back of kufr in that region once and for all and opening up the gates of Europe to Islaam, 858AH

Al-Andalus destroyed and Muslims killed and outlawed under the notorious Spanish Inquisition.  892 AH

The American peoples discover Christopher Columbus as he arrives at the shore.  European colonialism is given birth in unholy fashion sponsored by the roman catholic church 892AH (1492AD)

Golden Age of the Uthmani Khalifate under Khalif Sultan Sulaymon the Magnificent.  All kings of Europe terrorized and petrified of Muslim expansionism.  Delegations of all European countries sent to the new capital Istanbul.  This is when the hardcore conspiracies are born, plots hatched, deals made with the roman catholic kaafir church, and European colonialism’s birth.  900-1000AH

European Colonialism experiences its wicked birth which continues up unto present day unchecked.  1000AH to the present day

*NOTE – this is the area that needs the most research.  This is when the conspiracy was put together in Europe to destroy the Khalifate and this is when, in my estimation, the dajjal was released or at the minimum the system of dajjal.  One theory given sound by ‘Alim Abdullah Quick of South Africa and New York, is that during this time period a new strategy in the form of white-supremist racism, was nurtured in Europe, brainwashing Europeans with the false belief that their blood was by nature superior to the brown-skinned other.  1000AH

The kuffaar finally bring a halt to the expansionism of Islaam at the Gates of Vienna.  This marks the beginning of the end to the Islamic Khalifate.  From this point forward, Muslims would lose territory after territory and make no significant gains into Europe.  1095AH

The Declaration of Independence signed after American resistance successfully fights off European Colonialism – 1190 AH

Illuminati founded – 1190 AH

Skull and Bones Society “officially” founded.  27th President of the United States AND Supreme Court Justice William H. Taft, both 2004 presidential candidates (Bush and Kerry), HW Bush, and Prescott Bush, founder of the CIA James Jesus Angleton, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, Supreme Court Justice Morrison Waite, Secretary of War Henry Stimson, Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett (who directed the Korean War), and Henry Luce, founder & publisher of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated magazines, among many other notable Americans.  Members are limited to all white males; no negroes or women allowed.  Prescott Bush, acting on orders from The Tomb, dig up the bones of epic Indian War-chief Geronimo and placed his skull in The Tomb for black-magic rites.  New recruits had to sit in a coffin and masturbate and confess their deepest sexual fantasies in front of elder members. These satanic rites, performed so long ago, make us scratch our heads in wonderment at what evil must lurk behind the scenes in today’s brave new world.  Conspiracy Theorists such as Alexandra Robbins suggest that Skull and Bones is a branch of the Illuminati, or that Skull and Bones itself controls the Central Intelligence Agency.  Books written about the society include economist Antony C. Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones and Kris Millegan’s 2003 Fleshing Out Skull and Bones. “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Rich or poor, all are the same in death.” — Slogan above a painting of skulls surrounded by Masonic symbols which hangs in Skull & Bones’ sacred room 322, was lifted directly from an Illuminati initiation ceremony.  1248AH

European conspirators succeed in opening Suez Canal, thus bypassing Africa and cutting off the ‘Arabs control over the red sea and the ‘Arab sea.  Around this same time period we notice the Young Turks and modernist Muslims donning the red fez hats blatantly engaging in Tashhabul bil kuffaar (emulation of the kuffaar styles) 1286AH

Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank with no American ties, infiltrates The Republic to control, and issue, that Republic (if it could still at this point be called such) currency.  1331 AH

Islaamic Khalifate officially abolished, although it had been weakened to the point of non-entity status long before.  This destruction is largely symbolical and was designed to break the hope of the Muslim masses in the resistance against divide and conquer colonialist tactics. 1343 AH

The Great Depression.  After the fall of the Khalifate, the world realizes that the madmen banksters are now totally unstoppable and in control of all world markets and able to manipulate stock markets and crash them at whim.  1348 AH

The Nazi Party burns down its own Reishtag building and blames it on its enemies in a massive false flag terrorist attack, 1452 AH

The War of the Conspiracy (WWII) sees the total implementation of the plans hatched within the secret societies.  CIA is overtaken by Skull and bones linked secret societies behind the Nazi party in the 50s.  Nazi Party’s dark sciences taken to the Americas through Project Paperclip and furthered in the form of MK Ultra, and other nefarious programs of Shayton.  1367 AH

The CIA kills President Kennedy and is now firmly in control of the government of the USA, although the façade of democracy continues – 1383 AH

The conspirators fake a moon landing to bewitch the world and fake greatness – 1389 AH

The Federal Reserve conspirators who had sponsored the Bretton Woods monetary Scheme officially abolish the gold standard and US dollars are no longer redeemable in gold.  Dollars now become valuable because The Party says they are.  1391 AH

The satanic sorcerers now firmly in control of the USA begin to implement new unheard of movements of sexualism, women’s “liberation”, music, drugs, rock-and-roll, MTV, hippy-festivals, and anarchy.  This phenomenon itself needs much attention and runs much deeper than most realize.  The protocals of the elders of zion had mentioned this as part of their plan to corrupt mankind many decades before.  1390-1400AH

A movement of Muslims attempts to take back control of the Holy City of Makka during Hajj and they come equipped with scores of cult members equipped with sniper rifles, hand grenades, and heavy artillery, but they are thwarted by the deviant Saudi regime of kufr Murtads, who somehow managed to secure the backing of the mainstream ‘Ulama of Islaam during the 40 day long hostage situation in the Kabba Shareef.  After a bloody siege and the murder and capture of many Muslims, one Saudi stomps on the head of Jumayn and laughs “where is your Allah now?”  1401AH

US air traffic controllers go on strike, demanding better pay wages and working conditions.  Rather than negotiate with the unions, Reagan decides to fire them all and hire scabs in their place, thus breaking the backs of the unions in America once and for all.  Bill Clinton would add to the carnage with NAFTA 15 years later. – 1402 AH

The cold war rages and brings the entire world on the brink of destruction.  The kaafir Soviet Union communist regime is finally defeated by the Mujahideen fi Afghanistaan, where they met their demise.  Although the CIA had been supporting their Jihaad financially, the CIA’s playbook is now to entirely claim credit for this Jihaad, as well as the formation of Al-Qaa’idah, which was also being formed around this time by Muslims led by Shaykh ‘Usama bin Laden (rahmatullah alayh) 1403-1414AH

Reagan travels to the Berlin and famously says “tear down this wall”, ending the threat of communism and placing the USA as the shining light on the hill for the world to see.  Although all enemies would be apparently gone at this point, the US only expands military operations and begins attacks against Muslim peoples in Somolia, Bosnia, Chechneya, Kuwait, Iraq, and other areas.  1411-1417AH

Clinton passes NAFTA.  1417 AH

Shaykh Usama bin Laden (rahmatullah alayh) and his council of ‘Ulama, in response to the offensive invasions and bombardments of Muslim lands, particularly the injustices perpetrated against Palestinians, issue a Fatwa of War against the USA and the zionist state “until every kaafir troop is withdrawn from Muslim lands” – 1419AH

USS Cole attacked by Al-Qaa’idah and 19 kaafir sailors killed –  1419AH

Unknown terrorists attack the towers in New York and the Pentagon.  The US mainstream media blames Shaykh ‘Usama (who is at this point fighting Jihaad in Afghanistaan) and his al-Qaa’idah organization.  They Shaykh famously denies involvement in the haram attacks on innocent Americans and states that his Fatwa of Jihaad only applies to State Actors, not innocent people.  The mainstream media never mentions this denial and the American people are spoon-fed the lies that the country was attacked by “19 ‘Arabs from caves in Afghanistaan.  Afghanistaan is subsequently invaded by the kaafir coalition of the US, NATO, Brittain, and 47 free countries with the stated goal of capturing ‘Usama bin Laden (rahmatullah alayh) – 1422AH

After putting up a fight, the elected and popularly supported Talibaan government of Afghanistaan, is removed from power in Kabul and retreats to the hills to their fall-back strategy of guerilla warfare.  Shaykh ‘Usama likely met his goal of attaining Shahaddat here in the battle of Torah Bora, although speculation surrounds the Shaykh’s death– 1423AH



who were the so-called Seljuks, really?

In or around the 5th Century Hijjra a small band of Muslims from the hills of Khorosaan stood up to defend the Haqq as well as the holy lands of Islaam, against the filthy dirty european kuffar Pope Urban the third inspired to attack the Muslims in al-Quds the third holiest city of the Muslims. But who exactly were these “Seljuks”?

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